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attack wave ultrasonic pest repeller review

Attack Wave ultrasonic pest repeller review

P3 International P7816 Attack Wave Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

How the Attack Wave Pest Repeller Works

The Attack Wave Pest Repeller is another kind of an electronic pest control device that uses ultrasonic waves to get rid of pests and rodents in your house. It emits strong waves once it has been turned on and these waves are the ones that scare the pests away. These ultrasonic sounds and waves are usually so strong that they affect the sound system and also the nervous system of the pests and this in turn also affects their feeding and movement habits and when this happens, they will tend to move away to a different location where the environment is a bit favourable.

The Attack Wave Ultrasonic Pest Repeller  is also one type of a plug in pest control device that has an automatic wave changing feature. This means that it changes the sounds automatically and the main reason behind this is to prevent the possibility of mice, spiders, roaches and other insects and rodents that usually get used to the sounds and then after a while then it appears that this device is not working at all. By changing or varying the waves the pests will not get immune and instead they will find that they are frequently being deterred at various levels.

Safe around Pets

Just like some other pest control devices, the Attack Wave Repeller is very safe around your kids and even pets. Although to this exception there are some pets that are likely to be affected and these are like gerbils and hamsters. What this means is that these pets, while being classified as pets they really are rodents and are therefore better referred to as rodent pets. These waves are designed to affect the auditory system of any rodents.

The other thing about this P3 Attack Wave PestRepeller is that it can be able to cover an area of around 5000 square feet and this is just about enough to cover a medium-sized house. Now being unable to penetrate through walls and other surfaces, then it is usually advisable to purchase at least one unit for each room for maximum efficiency. It also does not use any batteries and has no chemicals so it is very safe to use. It is also very cheap and can be purchased from various online stores.

The only thing that might may make the Attack Wave Pest Control Device unpleasant to use is the clicking sound that it usually makes. This could be annoying to some people and what you can do it to just have it on in one room while you move to another room. Another caution about the Attack wave pest repeller is that it is intended to only be used indoors and therefore it is not going to be efficient for getting rid of pest and rodents in your garden, patio or lawn. You will definitely need an animal Repeller for this.

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