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all about bed bugs

All about bed bugs

In this post, I will discuss all bed bugs, what they are, where they come from and various methods to get rid of them.

Where do Bed Bugs come from?

In previous posts, I have highlighted how to get rid of bed bugs from your home. But where do bed bugs come from? This is a question that we need to ask ourselves because once we know the cause of the problem then it will be much easier for us to prevent it better and be able to get rid of them effectively.

Most people might have already made up their mind that bed bugs originate from being dirty. This is not always the case.

Some few facts about bedbugs

Before we find out where do bed bugs come from? We need to, first of all, learn a few facts about this pest. One thing is that they prefer very dark places on fabric.

This is the reason why you will find them together with their eggs hidden in the innermost of fabrics. The other fact is that they like to come out at night and you will never see them during the day. They also like the warmth of human beings and this is the reason that they like to suck blood.

How exactly to bedbugs find their way into our clothes?

Here is one of the most common ways in which bed bugs might find a way into your house.

Luggage and clothes from different places like hotels or motels. Due to the fact that bed bug-like to hide in dark areas, they can easily hide on to your luggage bags and clothes and therefore transported to where you will go to.

Now once we know this it is very important for us to check properly our belongings whenever we have visited a new place and are ready to leave especially hotels since this will save us a whole lot of trouble.

It is better to prevent than to cure because once bedbugs infest your house, it will be very difficult to get rid of them.

How to protect apple trees from bugs

Before spraying the apple trees, we need to know why we are spraying apple trees. Here below are some of the reasons: To protect against bacterial diseases

  1. To prevent fungal diseases
  2. To kill insects such as codling moth, aphids, etc.
  3. To kill insects such as aphids, etc
  4. To stimulate the trees to own resistance from various diseases
  5. To protect the fruit from suntan as well as insects and other pathogens.
  6. To give nourishment directly to the leaves of the tree

Before you start spraying the trees, you need the spraying equipment. A modest pack sprayer is all you actually require for spraying apple trees.

Sometimes if the trees are too tall, it may be impossible to reach the top branches if you don’t have a tall ladder.

If you have several trees in your garden, then you need an improved larger sprayer. It is not advisable to a sprayer for both pesticides and herbicides, as some herbicide residues in your sprayer might cause harm to the leaves of your trees.

How to spray the apple trees

Blend two and a half teaspoons of vegetable oil and a drop of mild liquid detergent with a cup of water. Cover the leaves of the apple trees with the concoction.

This is the most natural way to prevent the attack of leaves by the aphids. Put this mixture in an aerosol sprayer can and spray directly to the leaves of the apple trees.

Another spraying method can be blasting aphids and mites from apple trees in the morning of a dry day to prevent fungal diseases that are caused by wet foliage during the night.

The use of homemade concoction made from Spritz trees repels aphids among other pests. Mix one cup of chopped garlic cloves and hot peppers with one part water in a blender.

Strain and put the solution in your sprayer and use this liquid to spray on the leaves and bark of the apple trees.
Spraying apple trees with compost tea helps your trees in several ways.

This is a fermented brew made from compost, fish emulsion, and molasses and aerated water. This brew can be sprayed on the trees and on the ground where trees sprout from.

The organisms in the compost will help to collapse the organic matter in the soil and can help coat the tree with favourable organisms to help repel the disease-causing organisms.

The use of Sulfur as spray-on trees is another method protecting apple trees from pests. Spray when the buds start turning pink just before the next rainfall. Replicate this spraying before rain through the blossom time.

Neem oil is known to contain pest repellent properties.

Using this oil help in the intrusion of the insect hormone, and inhibits molting.

Neem can also be used to boost the health of your trees.

Spraying this on the bark of the tree and the ground right around it prevents the leaves from burning. Botanical sprays used successfully kill the moth eggs before hatching.


Bedbug logic non-toxic spray

Bedbugs are minute, oval, insects that survive by feeding on the blood of animals or humans. Fully grown bedbugs have flat bodies about the same size as an apple seed. After feeding on the blood, their bodies bloat and become reddish color.

Bedbugs cannot fly, but they move quickly over floors and ceilings. Female bedbugs are known to lay several hundreds of eggs, each of which is very tiny. The bedbugs have are characterized by a very strong smell.

Features of Bed bug Logic non-toxic spray

This spray has been clinically confirmed to wipe out bed bugs and their eggs when in on contact.

The Bed bug Logic spray is made from natural, ecological enzymes to safely obliterate bedbugs and therefore leaves no destructive residue to humans.

The Bedbug Logic non-toxic spray is delectably perfumed with Cedar or Thyme

Bed bug Logic non-toxic spray is Transportation Security Administration accepted for air travel, and it is small enough to be portable and carried everywhere you go in your handbag or briefcase.

Bed bug Logic non-toxic spray is perfect for office use. It can also be used in your hotel room, and on your daily travel.

Bed bug Logic Protection & Treatment Spray eliminates bed bugs on contact when regularly.

It also prevents and treats bed bug infestation. Spray generously on any area, which can be potentially affected by bed bugs for safe bed bug treatment and prevention.


Using Bed bug Logic non-toxic spray on a regular basis helps to prevent and treat bedbug infestation.

Spray generous amounts on the areas which are potentially affected by the bedbugs such as bedding, mattresses, bed frames, furniture, luggage, or outerwear.

Allow the spray to absorb completely into the fabric. It is advisable to test a small area of fabric if it is bleaching prior to use.


You can buy your Bed bug Logic non-toxic spray here cheaply at only $43.78 with a 45 days money-back guarantee.

Bed bug alert monitor

Bed Bug Alert Monitors are the simple machine that is made of a clear plastic shell with a special enticing adhesive board located in the centre, whose main purpose is intended to treat an infestation of bed bugs.

Bed bug alert monitors lure and sense bed bugs hiding in the office, beds, in the office, or anywhere else.

Unique chemicals are used to lure the bed bugs into the monitor where they are trapped faster and more effectual than in any other traps recorded.

These monitors are safe to use around in the home and around the children and pets.

The monitor is fitted with a clear view window used to check and see if bed bugs have been detected and trapped.

The robust plastic construction prevents the glue and the monitor from being crushed by heavy mattresses. The monitors are used to lure both adult bed bugs and the nymphs.

Features of a bed bug alert monitor

  • Can be used anywhere. In hospitals, cruise ships, offices, and even hotels.
  • It is transparent for inspection but is also near-invisible for discretion in public and private facilities and the hospitality industry
  • Works effectively and very fast to eliminate the bugs’ infestation it becomes a calamity.
  • Easy removal-replace as required, creating a long term, low-cost monitoring program
  • Long-lasting. Can last up to six months without changing or buying another one.
  • Very affordable at only $ 27.99 and $ 4.50 for shipping.
  • 45 days money-back guarantee.

How it works.

After purchasing your bed bug alert monitor, place it in the areas where you think the bed bugs are concentrated, places like the mattress seam, crevices, and under the couch and leave it there. After some while, the monitor will have attracted most of the bugs in your home and killed them.

With this post, you have at least learnt a lot about the bedbugs and the different ways to get rid of them in the house, furniture beddings and wherever they might be.

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