The Black and Decker EX900 Ultrasonic Pest control device (XL Room)


This is an electronic pest control device that has been manufactured by Black & Decker which is a company that has continued to produce reliable electrical gadgets for a very long time and as you know very well this brings a lot of trust to consumers worldwide as their reputation grows.

The Black and Decker EX900-A-TP1 pest control device emits ultrasonic frequencies that are constantly changing and this means the pests and insects will find it very difficult to adapt to the area in where this gadget has been plugged in.

As I have mentioned severally in my previous posts, devices that have the sounds and waves constantly changing are better off and much more effective than the ones that only emit one level of frequencies.


The Black & Decker EX900 pest repeller covers an Extra Large room and this is a plus since you will not have to purchase additional units if you have a bigger space where the pests are. One unit can be able to cover up to two rooms. However, if you happen to have a multiple story building, then you might have to purchase additional units for each level.

You should also be sure to not place this device behind curtains or other furniture as these will hinder the effective emission of the ultrasonic waves. The sounds that are emitted by the Black Decker EX900 cannot pass through walls and glasses just like light and do not move around bends either so it only works well in the room where it has been plugged in.


Most electronic pest control devices usually have few disadvantages Black and Decker EX900 Repeller is one of them. It does make a chirping noise when it has been turned on and is working. It is not very loud however so what you can do is to have it on when there is no one in the house. Considering its merits i personally think that this should not make you purchase it. It is also very safe around your pets except for a few like rabbits and hamsters.


Another feature of the Black & Decker EX900-A-TP1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (XL Room) is that it has an option where you can be able to use batteries. This is very important especially when you have been infested in a house that has no electricity or maybe you are outdoors camping. I can also say that this is also one of the very few pest control devices that has this feature and it is again very cheap and works very effectively.


Get yourself a unit of the EX900-A-TP1 and get rid of pests and other insects that are in your extra-large house without having to purchase additional units.

How long does it take to kill bed bugs with diatomaceous earth?

How to get rid of bed bugs with diatomaceous earth


First of all let us start by describing what diatomaceous earth is. This product which is also known by another name as bed bug dust is actually water plants that are ground to fine dust. So, therefore, it is nothing big but just a fancy name. It is also referred to as a natural way of getting rid of the bed bugs out of the house.


There are actually two different types of diatomaceous earth and you should not confuse one for the other. There is the food grade one and the pool supply type. The one that we are going to use here is food grade type.


This is how to use the diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs


Step by step method


  • This product does not work alone and therefore you will need some water, alcohol, and soap.
  • You then mix all these ingredients at a ratio of 4.4.2 and put them in a spray container.
  • First of all, we have to identify where these bedbugs are.
  • You have to check everywhere from beddings, furniture and all the equipment that is suspected to harbor them. Vacuum and wash with hot water if necessary.
  • Once this has been done we then start to spray the bedbugs when we see them.


So how long does it take to kill bed bugs with diatomaceous earth


Now since this is a natural pest control method, you will not expect them to die immediately. It might take a few months for the bed bugs to completely disappear that is if it is applied correctly. This coupled with heat treatment (DIY) will surely do a good job.

The good thing to note is that you will have saved thousands of dollars if you were to hire an exterminator to rid your house off the bed bugs.

What brand of pest repeller works fast and effective?

Which is the most efficient electronic pest repeller brand?

Having many different electronic pest control devices makes it very difficult for a homeowner to actually make a decision which brand of pest repeller actually works fast and effective. Therefore the homeowner will have to rely on the sales pitch that the company selling the device will make. There is also little or no time to go through several customer reviews online and actually decide which one is genuine or not. There are several things to consider when you are about to purchase a pest repeller and this post I will quickly try to look into some of them.

The type of pest being gotten rid of

This is what will determine whether the pest repeller will be effective. Different types of repellers are manufactured to target the different types of pests.

This is because the pests will be intimidated by the different levels of frequencies emitted by the electronic devices.

For instance, if one brand of pest repeller claims to target only crawling pests like spiders and cockroaches, then it will not be effective if you will try and use it to get rid of outdoor pests like squirrels. The sound frequencies will only intimidate small pests and insects and therefore will be inaudible by the outdoor pests.

How you position the pest repeller

This will also determine whether the pest repeller becomes effective. Having objects in front of the pest repeller minimises its effectiveness.

This is because the sound frequencies, which travel in a straight line, will be obstructed once they hit any surface in front of them. So it is very important not to have furniture like tables, sofas and even curtains on the way of this electronic device for it to work well.

Generally, there are brands that are well known to work well and one of them is Goodlife which manufactures the pest repeller ultimate 5 in 1

Rodar ii ultrasonic pest repeller review

Review of the Rodar ii ultrasonic pest repeller

In this post, we are going to review the rodar ii ultrasonic electronic pest repeller. This device, which has been manufactured by Macron Corporation, is used in the house to get rid of pests like squirrels, rat, mice and other household pests. It works the same way as other electronic pest control products that are available in the market. But how is it different from the other devices available.


One unit of the rodar ii ultrasonic repeller covers an area of about 3000 square feet. This area is sufficient considering most homes have an area of approximately 2000 to 3000 square feet.

How it works

Just like the other repellers, it emits ultrasonic waves that are unbearable to the pests and therefore will have to run away to some other places to hide. It has a special transducer that emits ultrasound waves of up to 55 kHz which only affect the pests but are inaudible to humans and pets. These waves are up to 60 times more than the other similar gadgets on the market, making the rodar ii pest control product have an edge. It actually works very well.

Where to buy rodar ii and price

You can buy this device in several stores online like Amazon where it is sold at $89.95 exclusive of shipping and they will ship this product directly to you. Though quite expensive it well works the high price.

The other things to note are that the waves emitted by this device do not pass through walls and ceilings. So after you purchase it don’t expect it to get rid of pests on all the levels of your house, but instead, you should purchase a unit for each level.

It also works well to repel indoor pests and therefore it may not work effectively outside the house.