Different types of Electronic Pest Control products

Here are the different types of electronic pest control products in the market today

Electric and ultrasonic pest control is another method used widely by many people to get rid of the unwanted guests in the house. In this post, I will review the different devices that are widely used in many homes.

These gadgets will work depending on the type of pesky creatures that you want to get rid of and can also be found in any part of the world, so whether you are in Australia, Ireland, Canada, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Dubai, U.K. or China you will find them on stores or alternatively you can shop for them at online stores like Amazon, Nextag, Walmart or home depot where you can even get free shipping.

Bird Repellent devices and products

Balcony guard (gard) ultrasonic silent bird repeller

This device as the name suggests is ideal for pigeons, swallows, woodpeckers, and sparrows on porches, rooftops, garages, boats, car, and balconies. Manufactured by the famous bird-x, it has a motion sensor that detects if the birds are at a close range and gets rid of them by emitting strong sonic waves. You can buy it at home depot at a reasonable price. There is also the birdxpeller pro and garden owl that works almost the same way.

QB4 Quadblaster

Produces sounds that scare away birds with its four speakers. This device covers an area of 6000 square feet and has also been manufactured by bird-x. The high-frequency waves produced by this gadget cannot be heard by humans and usually irritate the birds.

Bird Proof Bird repellent gel

When some of these flying creatures tend to make a surface their home, they will roost at this place. This causes all kinds of damages to properties, especially with their droppings. They sometimes also cause hazards like fire. With this gel, also manufactured by bird-x, it makes these surfaces very uncomfortable such that they will be irritated whenever they land on the surface. It can be applied on statues, poles, beams and other surfaces.  It comes in a 283g tube.

Bird repellent spray

This is mostly homemade and you can easily make it using naturally available materials that can be found around many homes. Use this recipe, mix chili peppers and water then place where you would like to deter the birds. It’s very important that you do not spray this to what they feed on like the fruits.


These ones usually scare the birds visually because of the shadows and reflections caused by the ribbon. The sound produced when the wind blows it away also irritates them so they tend to stay away. The irri-tape repellents ribbon comes gets rid of the birds holographically and can also be used anywhere and comes in a 1000 square feet.  There is also the tanglefoot ribbon and you can also get one for 30m depending on your target.


Usually placed on the fence or boat where the birds like to land and roost, this scares them away.


Animal Repellers & Repellents

Since not all types of electronic pest control products are manufactured for the same kind of pesky creatures, we have those that are specifically designed to get rid of the unwanted animals outdoors.

These are the animals that mess up our garden and patio furniture in addition to causing a nuisance at night. They include animals like deers, rabbits, raccoons, the neighbors pets, rabbits, squirrels, skunks and much more.

Most of these devices usually come with a mounting bracket or screws if you want to place it on the tree or fence.  Since they are supposed to work in the night, they are motion activated and therefore will detect any slight movement produced by an intruder or any moving object.

Once the motion is detected, they will automatically emit very strong ultrasonic waves which will deter these unwanted animals. They are weatherproof to work day and night and also utilize solar power. Here are some:

  • Bell and Howell 50104 motion Animal Repeller
  • Bird-x Yard Gard Ultrasonic


Electronic Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Pest Repellers

These are the most common ones that are used in many homes. They come in many varieties and have very different and distinct features, some of which include blue, red or green nightlight: – which can be used to provide some light in the night when there is total darkness and you don’t want to switch on the normal light.

This can be helpful if the device has been placed in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. This same led light usually also helps to indicate whether the device is working correctly or not.

The other feature is the ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves they emit. When they are turned on, they can either emit one or both of these waves depending on the technology on which they have been manufactured on.

These strong sounds cannot be heard by a human being or a child and are only meant for the pests. It affects the nervous system of these creatures, and once this is done, they find it difficult to communicate with each other and can also not feed properly so, therefore, they stay away from the area.

Ultrasonic waves are best for open spaces in the living area while electromagnetic sounds are better for cracks on walls since they utilize the electrical circuit or wiring around the house to create an electromagnetic field. It’s always advisable to get one for each level of your house.

On the cover or the pack of these gadgets, is indicated the surface area in which they can cover so chose the one that best suits your house and also which type of pest they get rid of whether they are mosquitoes, roaches, rats, mice, rodents, ants, fleas, bats, spider, geckoes or lizards. Instructions and manual are also packed together.

Some also have an extra outlet where you can be able to plug in your other electrical appliances, and others can either be battery powered or use electricity. There are also those that have the additional feature of emitting beneficial ions or breathalyzer which purify and freshen the air we breathe around us.

All these devices are safe to use in the house and therefore do not affect small children or pregnant women. The only ones that are affected are pets like gerbils and hamsters because their nervous system is more or less the same to that one of the other pesky creatures.  Humane unlike pesticides which tend to kill the pests, here they are only gotten rid of without causing any harm.

Here are some of these:

  • Attack wave p3
  • Bell & Howell 50153,
  • Bird-x Transonic Pro
  • Black and Decker 310, ep1100, 410, 321
  • Pest offense
  • Riddex plus, plugin, unit l1112, pro digital, sonic
  • Dx610
  • Emerson
  • Force field
  • Goodlife ultimate at 5 in 1, ii, sg
  • Pest-stop 2000
  • Rid rite deluxe
  • Rodar ii
  • Smartlife
  • Royal
  • Sunbeam sb 700, 101, 104, 105, 125, 300, 200, 310
  • Sunforce Solar 80001, 80004 twin pack
  • Viatek
  • Victor pr60c
  • Weitech 0562, 0220, 0180, 800, 3500

Getting rid of dogs and cats

Although these are man’s best friends, sometimes they tend to be a nuisance in our lives. A dogs bark is good when scaring intruders during the night or even at daytime, but when it is done to your precious visitors, it becomes bad.

There is also a time when your precious furniture, lawns, flowers, plants are getting messed up by these pets and so it becomes necessary to chase them away then.

Most of the devices in this category are also like trainers and will train them to behave in a certain way when used in them. There are homemade prays, whistles, collars that are used which are portable.

Just like the other devices mentioned above these also use ultrasonic pulses to deter them and not harm them in any way. Some of these sounds can even be downloaded as mp3.

Examples are:

  • Dazer ii
  • Lambert kay boundary
  • Off limits

Whether these devices do really work or do not work depends greatly on the type of gadget that you have purchased. There are many consumer reports, as seen on tv and reviews that are online and therefore it is always good to conduct due diligence when you want to buy the best one. If you are looking for where to buy them, there are many links in this site that will direct you or you can contact me using the link above.

Lizard Repellents Review: All you need to know

Everything you need to know about electric lizard repellent devices

Lizards are little known and less harmful pests yet they reside in most of our houses since we do not know of the best way to get rid of them. They are mostly harmless but just their sight usually scares most of us because we usually tend to think that they can bite us. In this post we are will learn more about this reptile and the best control methods. I will also tell you where you can get one and the best place to put it inside your house.

Facts about lizards

A lizard is an animal of the reptile family. There are so many types of these in the world that include the smaller ones that are found in our houses like the house geckos. Let us get to know some facts about this species.

  • They like hiding in cracks on walls and on ceiling boards inside our houses.
  • It feeds on flies and other small insects which is good to us because they do keep the home safe but the fact is that some people just don’t like them.
  • They also do have a concave forehead and their length grows up to 6 inches.
  • Have limbs and their behind toes are padded and broad.
  • Usually, they go through a process called autotomy, this is the shedding of the tail meant to scare off a predator. Another tail usually grows but not with bones this time it is usually the flesh alone.
  • They mate only once a year and the females also lay their eggs only once a year. So if you find that you have x number of the geckoes in your house then it means that they have been around that x number of years.
  • They only live a maximum of 5 years.

The house gecko as a pet

This is one of the few animals that is actually a pet and pest at the same time. It can be very tricky trying to pet this species because one thing is that they are very secretive and they rarely move one might wonder what they are up to. But if you decide to have this as your pet then there are certain things that one of them is that they require light and specifically ultraviolet light which is essential for their health, so it is very important to have proper lighting in the house. Another thing is that they feed properly and for this crickets and smaller insects will do and lastly the room temperature has to be on average 70 degrees.

The lizard pest

There are many reasons to consider this species as a pest and one of them is that they tend to feed on our leftovers like rodents and may actually contaminate the food since they also feed on insects like mosquitoes. They also leave their faces almost everywhere in the house and this usually leaves the house in a mess and not only that the faces itself are harmful in a certain way since it contains some harmful acids.

In this particular post, we are going to focus on the gecko as a pest and not a pet and try to find and review the many possible ways on how to get rid of them.

There are different possible methods that could be used to get rid of these geckos namely

  • Traps
  • Electronic and electric devices
  • Ultrasonic pest control
  • Repellents
  • Repellants
  • Electromagnetic gadgets
  • Natural methods
  • By the use of exterminators

We will now get the reviews of each of these methods and determine which combination is the best that you will use to deter these pests.


Most people use traps to capture and or kill rats, mice and other rodents. The same ones can also be used for the purpose of deterring lizards. You will set it up the same way but this time you will use insects like silkworms and crickets. Place the trap at the end near the crack of the wall so that when they come to feed at night they will be trapped. The other one that can also be used in this regard is the glue trap. Since their feet usually have millions of fine hairs which enables them to climb on walls of your house, this type of trap will get them glued and later you can remove and throw them away. Some people may be afraid to touch them that you can use some old rag or tissue to remove and dispose of them away.

Electric and electronic devices

These are the most commonly used methods. There are many devices that use the electromagnetic and ultrasonic technology to deter these pests in your house. I have already explained in details how these gadgets do work and so there is no need to again explain it here. The question we need to ask ourselves here is does these electronic and ultrasonic lizards repellent really work? And to answer this question we need to know how they communicate with each other. Studies have shown that when the male gecko needs to mate it usually produces a sound to attract the female. This sound is produced from their nervous system.

Now the ultrasonic device produces sonic sounds that cannot be heard by the normal human being. These sounds and waves usually interfere with the nervous system of the lizards and therefore there are not able to communicate with each other properly. They are also not able to feed. When this happens they become very irritated and the next thing they do is to move away from the house as long as this device is still switched on.

It is very important that when you decide to buy an electronic or electric repeller to take care of your lizard pest control problems, it is very important to get one that have the ability to emit both ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves. The reason is that these pests hide inside cracks of the walls in the house and so a combination of both these technologies would drive them away from your house. A good example of this device is the pest repeller ultimate 5 in 1. The other brands that are also effective are the Black & Decker plug in and also the Bell Howell. The best place to put this device so that it works properly is at an open outlet inside the house. You should also ensure that no furniture stays in front of this device as it will prevent the waves from traveling properly.

This is where you can buy a lizard repeler at a very reasonable cost.

Repellents and repellants

These are not commonly used because they seem to be much more effective in getting rid of flying insects other than the crawling ones. The ones that are available are the sonic and electronic repellents which do work just like the electronic gadgets but the difference here is that most of these are portable. So the question is that do ultrasonic lizard repellents really work? My answer to this is that they do work but you have to combine with another method of lizard pest control.

Here is where you can buy an electronic lizard repellent

Natural methods

There are several natural methods that you can use to get rid of lizards inside your house. These rodents are not known to be stubborn and therefore some little measures around the home will ensure that they are kept at bay.

  • Since it is well known that they can only survive under certain temperatures when they come out to feed at night it is therefore very important to keep the temperatures lower that 70 degrees.
  • The other issue is cleanliness. Try and get rid of leftover food and cover available food because this is what they come out to feed at night.
  • Cover up and seals all possible holes and cracks on walls where they enter the house from.

By practicing the above the house geckoes will find it difficult living in your house.


After all the above methods have failed you will now have to hire exterminators to take care of your indoor and outdoor lizard problems. One thing for sure that I know is that their cost will be much expensive but if you can afford them then you just have to give one they call. They will ensure that they have flushed your house of these pesky creatures once and for all.

The best method to get rid of lizards in the house

According to my experience, the best way to deter lizards from your house is by the use of a combination of electronic and ultrasonic devices. A very good example of this is the gadget manufactured by Goodlife Company. It combines 5 of the modern pest control technologies into one. This is an award-winning device that has been tried and tested according to consumer reports and I do personally recommend.

What are some household pests that bite humans?

Identifying household pests that bite

We have many pests that are common around our homes. Identifying household pests that bite can a very difficult task for very many homeowners. This is usually very important because we have to know how to keep our children and pets away from them. Knowing what bite comes from which kind of pest is very important because you will also know how you are going to treat that bite properly so that it can heal fast. There are those that are very well known whose bites are also very well known like mosquitoes.

Types of insects that bite people

Lice, termites, ticks, bedbugs, wasps, mosquitoes, spiders and fleas are some of the most common insects that bite the human being. Some of them do bite during the night while some are notorious that they bite during the day. So if you have been infested by any of the above pests, then you should know very well that you are going to get bitten sooner or later. You should then consider more options to get rid of them from your house completely or risk being infected by disease. You can also read here on how long do bed bug bites take to heal.

Although not all household insects that bite do infect us with diseases like malaria with mosquitoes. The itches and blemished skin that they leave behind is not always that pretty. That is why in this site I have highlighted that various methods that can be used to get rid of different kinds of pest either naturally or by use of electronic pest control or the hiring of an exterminator.

Once you have identified what type of insect that has bitten you, it is very important to observe some precautions when trying to get rid of them. The first precaution is that you should never use an insecticide to spray and insect that is on your skin. Never do these as this might further cause much more irritation.

Always seek medical attention immediately. If possible you should buy some cream to apply on your skin at the local drug store.