Rentokil moth killer strips review

The Rentokil moth killer strips is a product that has been manufactured by Rentokil to kill moths that comes in a 2 pack.

It kills larvae and eggs of the moths and protects the clothes. It is also used to kill other insects like roaches, mosquitoes and flies.

They can last up to 6 months. And being odorless, you will hardly recognize the smell that comes from them unlike other pesticides that have very strong smell.

How to use the Rentokil Moth killer strips

Once you have bought this product you should unwrap it and place it in an area where moths are most likely to be found.

Clothes are the likely places so these should be carefully placed in them.  Not directly but using the tape that comes with them.

The ideal spot is at the wardrobes just next to the garments.

The reason for this is that they do cause staining of clothes. You will also not need to dry clean your clothes after this has been done.

Does the Rentokil Moth killer strips work?

If the strips are used according to the instructions written on them, then they will surely work properly. And within two weeks you should see a difference on since the moths will have been gotten rid of and or killed. For it to be very effective it is advisable to purchase at least two of these and place them in various spots of your house. If it fails to work then it definitely means that you did not use according to the specified instruction.

The other trick is to complement this product with other products like the breathable clothe covers or moth sprays.   You can be able to purchase this product online at the Amazon stores either in the UK or the US at very reasonable prices.

D-Con rat poison reviews

How to use d-Con products to get rid of mice and other rodents

There are many ways that are used to get rid of pests in the house. Most of them I have discussed in my previous posts. In this post we will review the d-Con rat poison that is used to kill most of the pests in the house and especially rodents like mice. In fact d-Con has got a wide range of products that range baits to traps all which are used to get rid of the unwanted rodents out of your house.  Below is a review of the products that are manufactured by d-Con.

How it works

As mention earlier d-Con’s rodent control products are classified in two groups. Mainly baits and traps

D-Con Baits

In order to use baits, the condition is that the room or house should not have many people operating in it. The simple reason is that the contact with the human beings is supposed to very minimum as you know poison is poison and will kill even people if you are not careful. Types of such areas include garages, basements and also attics. They also come in 2 forms, blocks and pellets.

D-Con Traps

There are 3 types of these namely glue, live and snap. These are used in areas where the traffic of human beings is most active. Once the rodents have been trapped, they can then be disposed of elsewhere.

Another thing to note that the active ingredients that is contained in the d-Con pellets and blocks is Brodifacoum and Diphacinone. These are very lethal and are capable of even killing human beings.

What is the d-Con rat poison’s effect on dogs?

This will depend on the amount that the dog has taken. But according to the site this bait is only meant for rats alone.


Requirements for FHA pest inspection

What is FHA termite pest inspection?

If you plan to get mortgage from the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) for your property, then part of the requirements for you to be granted this mortgage insurance is that your property must undergo an FHA pest inspection and this is especially for the termites that might have infested your property. Termites are the most common destructive pests that live in our homes and they mostly destroy wooden property.

FHA termite inspection guidelines

There is a special form known as the NPMA-33. This form that has been prepared by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), is always used to determine whether there is any form of Wood that has been destroyed by an insect or organism. On this form you will find 5 sections that must be filled. Section 3 specifically underlines the recommendations that have been made after the findings so that the infestations do not occur again.

Once the FHA is satisfied with all the above, you will then be given the mortgage. This is extremely important because there is no need of purchasing a property that has been infested by termites only for its value to depreciate because of the same. Another thing to note is that for new buildings, these must we guaranteed by the company that is undertaking the construction. The constructor must ensure that proper termite treatments have been made on the building to prevent any future infestations that might occur. For properties that have already been developed, the FHA inspection is only required if there is a full blown termite infestation.

Now as in any sale agreement you will have to decide with the buyer between the two of you who will pay for the FHA termite inspection.

So it better to prevent that to cure. Ensure that your house is free from any termite infestation before you sell. You can check out my previous articles about getting rid of termites in your house.