How long does it take to kill bed bugs with diatomaceous earth?

How to get rid of bed bugs with diatomaceous earth


First of all let us start by describing what diatomaceous earth is. This product which is also known by another name as bed bug dust is actually water plants that are ground to fine dust. So, therefore, it is nothing big but just a fancy name. It is also referred to as a natural way of getting rid of the bed bugs out of the house.


There are actually two different types of diatomaceous earth and you should not confuse one for the other. There is the food grade one and the pool supply type. The one that we are going to use here is food grade type.


This is how to use the diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs


Step by step method


  • This product does not work alone and therefore you will need some water, alcohol, and soap.
  • You then mix all these ingredients at a ratio of 4.4.2 and put them in a spray container.
  • First of all, we have to identify where these bedbugs are.
  • You have to check everywhere from beddings, furniture and all the equipment that is suspected to harbor them. Vacuum and wash with hot water if necessary.
  • Once this has been done we then start to spray the bedbugs when we see them.


So how long does it take to kill bed bugs with diatomaceous earth


Now since this is a natural pest control method, you will not expect them to die immediately. It might take a few months for the bed bugs to completely disappear that is if it is applied correctly. This coupled with heat treatment (DIY) will surely do a good job.

The good thing to note is that you will have saved thousands of dollars if you were to hire an exterminator to rid your house off the bed bugs.

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