Eco friendly pest control methods

What is environmentally friendly pest control?

Eco-friendly pest control methods are the methods that are used to get rid of pests in our homes or buildings without harming either them or the environment. In this post we will review some of these methods that can be used by either an individual or professional pest control companies to get rid of the pesky creatures without hurting the environment, humans around or the pests.

Use of traps instead of pesticides

This is one of the eco-friendly pest control methods that is used in homes. The use of traps as a method of pest control does not hurt the pests or animals. But there are some traps that will kill the pests and rodents instead. What should happen is that the trap should be made in such a way that it does not kill the pest but only captures it then it is released away from the house.

Wash with water

Did you know that you can just wash away insects like aphids using ordinary water? This is done by spraying this water on the plants where they have stuck. There are also some very harmless soaps and detergents that can be used to wash insects away in an environmentally friendly pest control.

Use of solar powered pest control

There are many solar powered electronic pest control devices. These gadgets use energy from the sun to power them. They are mostly used to get rid of pests and rodents that are outside of the house like squirrels, snakes, rabbits and even deer. The use of the natural sun is a clear indication of an eco friendly method of pest control.

Natural repellants

You don’t have to use pesticides and insecticides to get rid of pests and insects in and out of your house. There are plants that can be grown naturally and can be used for this purpose. The smell that comes from these plants will naturally repel some insects. One example is the citrosa plant that is used to get rid of mosquitoes and cedar oil that can repel roaches and ants. There are several eco friendly plants.

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